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Dentist Jacksonville, MD - Joseph A. Revak, DMD

Dr. Joseph Revak, is a General Dentist who believes that a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile are essential to your general health and well being. At the beginning of your appointment a soft tissue and oral cancer examination is completed. Your teeth and periodontal condition are then examined and evaluated. He does this in an environment  that believes your time is very valuable and works to keep your appointment on time and without delay. Your appointment is your time with the Doctor! The office setting is comfortable and as environmentally friendly as possible. He does all phases of Restorative Dentistry: crowns, bridges, veneers, partial and full dentures, routine restorations and implant's restorative procedures. Dr. Revak also works closely with the area's leading specialists to provide you with the best care possible. Dr. Revak and staff look forward to meeting you and participating in your dental health.

Dr. Revak is proud to say that his office was the first in the state of Maryland to be awarded Gold Certification by the Eco-Dentistry Association. The office is one of the first one hundred in the United States to be awarded Gold Certification. This means that Dr. Revak and staff have pledged to re-think the way their office practices dentistry, focusing on initiatives that prevent pollution, reduce waste, save water and energy and incorporate wellness-based practices into patient care. For instance: using high-tech digital imaging instead of tradition X-rays reduces patient exposure to radiation by as much as 70-80 %, it also reduces pollution by eliminating the use of toxic developing solution. The office has been fully converted to LED lighting to reduce electric usage and the office makes use of renewable materials wherever possible.

Dr. Fred Pockrass, who co-founded, the Eco-Dentistry Association remarked, " We applaud the efforts of Dr. Revak and his team, who are on the leading edge of dentistry's green future. It is our vision that one day all dentistry will be practiced in the earth-friendly and patient friendly way of Dr. Revak's practice."